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PAS Racing 2013

A year in review…3-peat.

Coming off two back to back regional American Iron championships the PAS Racing crew always has a lot to prove when they arrive at the track and the 2013 season was no different. In the off season we made sure we would be as prepared as possible to compete with the ever growing stiff competition that the Mid-Atlantic region attracts. With the vast majority of our competitors jumping from their Foxbody/SN95 Mustangs into the S197 platform we knew the level of competition was going to be raised significantly and we needed to be ready.

One of the largest additions to the PAS Mustang RTR for 2013 was the partnership with Cortex Racing throughout the entire season. Every season so far we have experimented with countless suspension packages, designs, and setups, but we were extremely excited at the possibility to run this very heavy-duty and well engineered suspension system by Cortex. The results absolutely shocked us and every time we arrived at the track we learned a little more about how to tune the suspension to suit the track, conditions, or driver’s needs. The car became more stable in every aspect, more predictable, and most importantly…faster.

For 2013 the PAS Mustang RTR had the full Cortex SLA front suspension, Watts Link, and Torque Arm which gave us an amazing range of adjustability paired with JRi shocks which provided the balance and ability to tune the chassis that we had been looking for throughout the past 2 seasons. The amount of support and technical knowledge that was provided to us throughout the season from Filip at Cortex and JJ at JRi could not be matched and we are very excited to carry this partnership into the upcoming 2014 on-track season.

The suspension wasn’t the only big change for 2013 as we also gave the car a much more aggressive, and much needed attitude change with a change up of the body work and livery. The 2011 body work was face-lifted into a 2013 and with that also came a much more menacing livery update. Ditching the bland white look and going for a matte gray seemed to go over very well with our sponsors, fans, and even competition. We’re very happy with the way the car turned out after picking it up from VBD Graphics who was responsible for transforming the PAS Mustang RTR with their vinyl wrapping skills. Some fresh color matched HRE Wheels to finish off the theme and we had a “new” Mustang RTR racecar!

As the season went on we never stopped learning how to dial in a little more speed here and there and the faster we went the better our Baer brakes seem to work. Our combo of Baer 6R pistons up front and Hawk Performance pads all the way around can’t be beat and has been on the car since day one. This is not exactly a lite car by any means, but these brakes always seem to amaze driver Chris Cobetto each and every time he jumps on them at the last minute to snag that extra tenth of a second. As you can see by this video, they are definitely doing work.

Throughout the season PAS Racing managed 9 wins, 4 pole positions, and managed to run faster than our lap record in practice by a half second at VIR with a 2:05.211. Most importantly all these wins were accomplished while being 100% legal each and every time the car was sent through impound or was put on the dyno after the race.

We also managed to have a little fun throughout the season with our very own No Hurl Challenge when we strapped 3 fans into the passenger seat to see how many G’s this Mustang RTR pulls under cornering and braking!

And our submission for the Hoonigan Friday Burnout Contest.

The 2013 season was a tough one with a steep learning curve of starting all over with new suspension, but as always with the amazing help and support from all our sponsors we managed to take the Mid-Atlantic American Iron Championship for the 3rd year in a row. You’re really going to want to stick around to see what we have in store for 2014 as we already have some plans in the works and will be thinking outside the box compared to the past 3 seasons.

Thanks again to all our supporters, sponsors, friends and family that made the 2013 season such a success. We look forward to more of the same coming soon!

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Cortex Racing

JRi Shocks

HRE Performance Wheels

Baer Brakes

Hawk Performance Pads

VBD Graphics

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Grassroots Motorsports Magazine

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NASA Mid-Atlantic’s Heat Wave at VIR

After some very solid battles at Hyperfest, PAS Racing returned to VIR with a fresh setup and ready to throw down for three HOT days at VIR. This July event always proves to be hot on and off the track and this weekend was no different.

On Friday the temps were up as the Grassroots Motorsports Magazine Ultimate Track Car Challenge was under way. Some very fast rides were setting some blazing laps down, but the Performance Autosport Mustang RTR was busy doing some important testing all day. The biggest change for the team and driver was the addition of the Cortex Racing Torque Arm. This would be our first outing with the new TA and we were very interested in seeing how it would affect the balance of the car.

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Click the photo below to view the gallery of all our SEMA photos provided by FlimFlam Media


At the end of the 2011 NASA race season, all members of PAS Racing had learned a lot about what it takes to build, maintain, and grow this race team. We had learned more than we had ever thought throughout just one season and in those short 8 months we took a street car and race by race turned it into a championship-winning Mustang.

For 2012 we knew we needed to go bigger and better. We had our initial season under our belt and it was time for the training wheels to come off. With all our success in 2011 getting noticed, in stepped our new main sponsor and partnership with Vaughn Gittin Jr’s company, Mustang RTR. A new design for the PAS Mustang and a new future was born in the very beginning of the race season.

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The week of Nationals is always a stressful one no matter how much you think you’re prepared. We just left Summit Point with a win after testing several different things to attempt to learn a little more about what may work at Mid-Ohio. Our car seems to be very happy at VIR, but when we take this relatively heavy car to the tight and technical turns of Summit Point we definitely have to maximize every advantage this Kenny Brown AGS 4.0 Suspension and Moton coilovers combination give us.

We arrived at Mid-Ohio on Monday Sept 3rd to unload for a long week of testing and qualifying races leading up to the big Championship race on Saturday morning. As predicted, the Ohio weather had a different plan for us as it rained Tuesday and kept us from doing any real suspension tuning. We still managed to go out and do a little bit of work in the rain, but the day was mostly a wash.

Wednesday the sun was out, the track was drying and we were looking for a few dry sessions to see how we stand up to the very tough competition that comes to Mid-Ohio for NASA Nationals. Every session meant big changes to try and make this car as happy as possible on a track we’ve only seen once before, but with an entirely different suspension in every way. Big changes meant trying to maximize our on-track time since our 2 test days got cut to 1, so we had to do what we could with what we had.

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Performance Autosport knows if you want to test the newest products you’ve got to keep moving. So it was time to sell our 2011 Mustang RTR and move into a new 2013!

Here it is, bone stock after bringing it home from the dealer…

And soon after PAS converted it into a 2013 Mustang RTR…

More coming soon on this shop car project including all the mods that we’ve done to it on top of the Mustang RTR conversion as well as our trip to the Ultimate Track Car Challenge at VIR.


This years Open House was bigger than ever. HUGE thanks to everyone that came out and shared the day with us. Here are just a few pics I could snap off throughout the day while getting a bunch of dynos done.

Entire gallery with many more photos can be found here: Performance Autosport’s Flickr Gallery of the 2012 Open House


PAS Racing heads back to VIR for a Heat Wave

After Friday and the Ultimate Track Car Challenge fun, we still had a full weekend of racing ahead of us. This weekends event is called the Heat Wave and it was very appropriately named this year. Not only was the track temps hot, but so was the competition.

There were some new cars in the pack this weekend as Steven Kent, who previously had a fox body coupe debuted his new 2012 Boss302S look-alike as well as Roddey Sterling, a 19yr old piloting a Boss302S Laguna Seca race car clone as well. Read More…

The Grassroots Motorsports Ultimate Track Car Challenge (UTCC) is always a great show.  It’s even more fun when you’re part of it.  Naturally, here at Performance Autosport, we aren’t happy to just sit back and watch.  So, we entered not one, but TWO of our Mustang RTR’s for Friday’s Ultimate Track Car Challenge.  This event is a run-what-ya-brung, timed event to see who can bring the biggest and baddest track car to VIR.  There are obviously different categories as a VW Bug won’t be claiming top honors against a Corvette that runs deep into the 1:50′s, but its a very cool event that Grassroots Motorsports puts on every year and we were happy to come bring our Mustang RTRs and go play!

The two PAS entries consisted of our 2011 American Iron Championship winning racecar and our 2013 Mustang RTR Spec 2 Shop car both being driven by our American Iron driver, Chris Cobetto.

The American Iron car was mostly in race trim except for a tiny bit more horsepower for this event via a “full-boogie” tune and a JLT Performance cold air intake.  The Spec 2 RTR was in full street trim and the engine was 100% stock at around 370rwhp.  The PAS Spec 2 RTR is a little different then what RTR offers as we took the suspension a little bit farther to find if we could customize an already amazing product while testing different available parts for our vendors and pass on the research to our customers.  The PAS Spec 2 RTR is using a set of AST 4150 adjustable coilovers, Whiteline swaybars and anti-dive brackets, and a Cortex Racing rear suspension.  For brakes we upgraded from the stock “track-pack” Brembos to Baer 6-piston 14″ brakes, pretty much the same as the racecar. There will be much more covering the build of this car as we shot a bunch of photos as it was going together, but haven’t had time to release much about it.  Stay tuned for more on this car, you’ll wana hear more.

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PAS and RTR Sweeps Hyperfest:

The PAS Racing crew rolled their Mustang RTR racecar out of the trailer early Friday in hopes of getting some test sessions in after making some suspension changes since the last race.  With the limited amount of free time from their driver and NASA Mid-Atlantic Regional Director, Chris Cobetto, they didn’t get much.  Hyperfest is the busiest event for Cobetto and driving his racecar almost takes a back seat to making sure the entire event goes smoothly, so getting him in his racing suit and strapped in is harder than one would think.

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