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NASA Summer Breeze at Summit Point

The PAS Racing/Mustang RTR crew rolled into Summit Point Friday just as it started raining.  Thankfully the rain did not stick around and we ended up having an amazingly pleasant weekend of racing with great weather.

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Performance Autosport knows if you want to test the newest products you’ve got to keep moving. So it was time to sell our 2011 Mustang RTR and move into a new 2013!

Here it is, bone stock after bringing it home from the dealer…

And soon after PAS converted it into a 2013 Mustang RTR…

More coming soon on this shop car project including all the mods that we’ve done to it on top of the Mustang RTR conversion as well as our trip to the Ultimate Track Car Challenge at VIR.


This years Open House was bigger than ever. HUGE thanks to everyone that came out and shared the day with us. Here are just a few pics I could snap off throughout the day while getting a bunch of dynos done.

Entire gallery with many more photos can be found here: Performance Autosport’s Flickr Gallery of the 2012 Open House


It’s that time of year again folks!  The Performance Autosport’s yearly Open House car show, customer appreciation, BBQ-fest is a little over a month away.  We will be releasing more news on this event shortly.  Every year the turn out gets bigger and bigger and we expect that to continue for 2012.

  • Car Show & Shine – All Makes.  All models.  No rules.  No judging…just come and show off your ride!
  • Largest gathering of Saleen Mustangs/vehicles on the East Coast!
  • All of the rare PAS Saleen’s will be on display – General Tire Racecars, SA-5, & more
  • Performance Autosport Mustang RTR American Iron Racecar will be on display.
  • Raffles, Discounts, & Giveaways all day!
  • Delicious BBQ catered by our good friend/customer Capn. Rob Wilhoite
  • $50 Dyno Runs on our 2wd Dynojet Dyno – Limited slots available for this – First come, first serve.  Sign up via email below
  • Please email if you’d like to get on the dyno list.

Saturday July 14th, 2012
10am – 4pm

Performance Autosport
2179 Tomlynn Street
Richmond, Va 23230

The PAS Open House has turned into the largest gathering of Saleen’s on the East Coast! All makes and models are appreciated here though, so bring out whatever you drive and hang out for some good times and some delicious BBQ! Read More…


Performance Autosport and Vaughn Gittin Jr’s company RTR (Ready To Rock) have joined forces for 2012!  This means BIG things ahead for both companies this year for sure and we are extremely excited to get started.


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Our brand new 2012 GT Shop car has been pushed aside long enough in effort to keep up with the massive demand to our customers. We know that customers come first so if we have to wait a little bit to get to play with our own car, then so be it. But we finally got a little time to throw some parts on the car, so here comes an update.

Yesterday our bone stock 2012 GT got a little bit of a change in a few different areas. First were the wheels. We chose to install a set of RTR 19×9.5′s wrapped with Falken FK452. With the current stance it’s not too impressive, but the car will be getting its new suspension on our next round of mods.

Before it left the shop it also got its big brakes up front which are StopTech 6-piston calipers with 15″ (380mm) two-piece cross-drilled rotors. Stainless steel lines, Motul 660 brake fluid, and a fresh flush and this car is going to STOP! Can’t wait to test it on the street when it finally stops raining here or at the track this season.

Lastly we installed a set of our prototype mufflers we’ve been working on. Should be something we will have to offer in a month or so as pricing has not been set. We will be supplying video clips of all sorts to give potential customers a solid idea of what it sounds like on their 2011+ 5.0L!

Keep checking back as we’ll be installing suspension next!



Performance Autosport is proud to announce a new suspension vendor for all it’s Mustang customers from years of ’64-’70 and ’79 thru ’12. CorteX Precision Racing Technology suspension systems are now available for purchase AND install through PAS.

Because the status quo was not good enough, CorteX Precision Racing Technology was born.

CorteX Racing began with a pursuit of products we wanted on our own cars. When no one in this industry offered what we were after, we went out and engineered it ourselves. Our passion is to provide best-in-class, optimized, professional caliber motorsports parts to the enthusiast and professional.

Our goal is to create automotive parts that will outperform all others at an excellent value.

Vintage suspension systems:

S197 suspension systems:

Performance Autosport will be running a CorteX fully adjustable Watts Link on the rear of their 2011 Mustang GT American Iron car for the 2012 race season. We are excited to have a partner to reliably deliver a great product with a lot of engineering and testing behind it. The Watts-link will be going on the racecar in the next few months before our first race in mid February so expect updates with install photos and feedback from the track!

Our website is in the middle of being updated to display the full line of CorteX products so if you are interested in hearing more, placing and order, or getting something installed give us a call at the shop – 804.358.2505.


Performance Autosport just recently sold it’s one-of-a-kind 2011 Saleen S302 #18 shop car…

…and moved onto another car that we could use as a test bed for parts development.

A brand spankin new 2012 Mustang GT.

We are just getting started with this car as we’ve had it for only a couple of days, but we are slowly building the plans for this new project car. The overall idea is to test new suspension parts PAS is developing to be an affordable alternative to some other parts currently available without risking ride quality or most important, performance. A new brake package will also be tested on this car as well as few other things here and there. We haven’t really nailed down all the pieces and parts, but we’ll keep everyone updated as we make progress.

This car will be seeing track time during NASA events throughout 2012 not only for testing, but to show customers what the car is like. You’ll be able to find it close to Cobetto’s S302R in the paddock for sure.

We threw the car on the dyno today for a baseline dyno. With under 200miles on it and still with the dealership’s 87 octane in the tank it churned out 373whp/359wtq. We’ll update this once the 87oct is burned out of the tank and replaced with 93.

Full sized photos can be found here: PAS 2012 Mustang GT Shop Car Gallery


Performance Autosport isn’t just a Mustang shop. We should all know that by now, right?

We’ve branched out to all sorts of domestics. But wait, there’s more.

We aren’t just tied to the domestic market. We have a big customer/friend base that are BMW owners and racers and we love to help them out whenever we can, however we can. Whether that’s making sure their track car is ready for their next track day or getting them on the dyno to make sure their M-powered racecar is making the power it should make to stay competitive. Here is an example of three of my customers that cover all the most popular generations of the BMW 3-series.

Charlie’s Spec E30-to-be track car on the dyno:

Tim’s beautiful E36 M3 BMWCCA IP Prepared race/track day car:

Max’s NASA GTS4 E46 M3:

If you have a BMW that needs something small like service work or a place to keep your track car running at its best, give Performance Autosport a call.

We see all sorts of things on our dyno here at Performance Autosport.  It’s hard to do a write up on every single car that passes through the doors here, but here are a few that rolled through over the past few weeks:

1986 Ferrari 328GTS: 216whp/180wtq – 100% stock, 40k miles.  Owner just wanted to make sure everything was still running as it should.

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