Herb Rueger’s Convertible Challenger

PAS has built quite a few cars for Herb and his son Josh. We started with an orange GT500, then a black GT500, a red SRT8 Challenger, and Herb is now driving a black SRT8 Challenger…Convertible?  Yes.  This Challenger has a soft top.  It was taken down to Florida where the factory steal roof was chopped off and thrown in the trash and in it’s place is now a fabric top that can be automatically folded up for your viewing pleasure.  It’s pretty rare.  I believe only 4 of these have been converted.

On top of the now new convertible top, the car also no longer has a stock 6.1L Hemi.  Now it sports a 426c.i. stroker by Arrington Engines and on top of that…a Magnacharger.  Full exhaust, custom tune, over 500whp, no roof.  It’s a rare Challenger for a rare customer like Herb.