Dyno Tuning

Performance Autosport has a In-ground Dynojet 224x 2wd dyno.  We do in-house tuning for Fords (’89-present) and GM OBDii vehicles.  Carb tuning can also be addressed on a car by car basis.

Prices are as follows:

  • 3 pulls/30mins with Air/Fuel = $75.00
  • 3 pulls/30mins without Air/Fuel = $65.00
  • 1 hour unlimited pulls = $150.00
  • Full day of dyno rental with Dyno operator = $800
  • We do offer you the ability to bring your own tuner or software, price depends on time on rollers at $150/hr.
  • Dynos: Monday – Friday 9-4, Saturday 10-4.
    Please call Kevin or email for an appointment.

Discounts are given for group/clubs that want to organize a dyno day with a guaranteed number of dyno customers.

All Ford tuning is done by Kevin, all GM tuning is handled by Steve.  If you just want to dyno a car to see what it makes or check a tune, please contact Kevin.  Email addresses are below.

Kevin (Ford Tuning) – Kevin@PerformanceAutosport.com

Steve (GM Tuning) – www.tunedbyfrost.com – Steve@TunedByFrost.com

ALL TUNING IS BY APPOINTMENT ONLY!  Walk-in dyno’s are sometimes possible, but we strongly recommend calling ahead to set an appointment to make sure we’ll have time to dyno your vehicle.